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The Journey Begins

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

It was close to seven years ago. I hadn’t yet left Ohio to move down to Florida but was making the final arrangements to relocate my family in order to answer God’s call upon my life. Weeks prior to leaving I had the privilege to meet my mentor’s mentor! He spoke a lot of wisdom that day and I soaked it up like a sponge. Right before the meeting was over he began to pray for me and as he prayed he began to speak prophetic declarations over my life. These words helped keep me from following my own plans and instead helped me to follow God’s plan for my life (through even the most difficult seasons).

These were a few of the words that STUCK with me, “Where you’re going is just preparation and training for where you will be…One day you will be the leader. People will see it. You won’t have to make it happen, it will just happen. God will make it happen!”

These words coupled with God’s assuring presence gave me great peace and contentment when the temptation rose to do something in my own strength or on my own timetable. Through God’s guidance and my time at Heritage He’s raised me up for this appointed time (1 Peter 5:6). Fast forward to present day and almost all of 2020 I’ve witnessed “it just happen.” God has opened one door after another and has prepared the way for the birth of a new ministry.

Journey Church is God’s idea. God foresaw this from conception to reality long ago. And we are just walking into all that He’s prepared in advance for us to do (Ephesians 2:10). We are beyond excited as we know this isn’t about us but rather it is about who God wants to reach through us! Great are the plans the Lord has and great is the Lord who is worthy of our praise!

Over the next several weeks you’ll receive regular updates leading into the end of the year. We believe the story of Journey Church is worth sharing and we want to share it with you! For now we simply feel called to invite you to pray…

-Pray for Emily, the kids and I

-Pray that God would raise up a team to come alongside of us in this endeavor

-Pray for God’s provision as we step out in faith

-Pray and inquire of the Lord what your part might be in all this

-Pray for the harvest that awaits us


Lastly, let me take a moment to thank you! Please know that we love and appreciate you and commit to lifting you up in prayer as well! Our best days are ahead!

Let’s Journey together,

John and Emily

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