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Imagine a single man who appears to be “living it up” on the outside as a successful business owner but really is pretty empty on the inside. He’s going from woman to woman, pleasure to pleasure but still is empty on the inside. His dealings with both his customers and employees are often dishonest. He’s pretty rude at the office and especially mean to his employees. However one of his employees goes to Journey Church and they’ve been praying for him for weeks. They work up the courage to invite him and he actually comes. Upon arriving He encounters God’s presence for the first time! He discovers a love that he never knew existed and gets a sense of purpose he’s never known. He asks Jesus into his heart and his entire demeanor changes immediately. He goes into the office the next day with a great big smile (having purchased coffee for his entire team) and a kindness that has been foreign to him for as long as his employees have known him. As the days, months and years pass he ends up leading multiple employees to the Lord and inviting them to join him at Journey Church. His entire business is transformed by God’s love and therefore everyone his business serves is impacted. Not only his staff and customers but also the homeless shelter down the road as he begins to not only fund food for the homeless shelter for an entire month out of the year but also leads his staff to serve at various times around the year! A man who has been pretty stingy all his life becomes incredibly generous and helps funds missions around the world through Journey Church. Countless people are impacted around the world by the gospel of Jesus Christ through the generosity of this one man.

The best is yet to come indeed friends! This is only the beginning! Continue to pray and believe with me for an incredible season ahead - Pastor John

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