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Imagine a married couple with small children at home who constantly hear their parents fighting. This couple is on the brink of divorce but in a last straw effort decide to come and check out a new church they heard about called Journey Church. Unbeknownst to them, they’ve already been prayed for by our prayer team! Upon arrival they're greeted in the parking lot with enthusiastic waves and great big smiles. Upon heading into the church after parking they’re greeted with a warm welcome and invited to grab a free coffee, some refreshments and offered free childcare in our fun, clean and safe nursery and children’s church. After dropping their kids off they enter into our main auditorium where they’re overwhelmed by God’s presence and sense a love and joy they have never known. They hear worship music that is both excellent and full of life. They then hear an encouraging and relevant message that really hits home. As God’s Word is preached they both make a decision to receive Christ and extend forgiveness towards each other after holding onto years of bitterness and resentment. After coming for a few weeks they hear about a marriage class at the church and begin attending. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the biblical principles learned and the new techniques in communication not only are their lives forever changed but so is their marriage and their family. Their children who were growing up hearing them fight are instead hearing them speaking kindly to one another. They see their parents holding hands as they walk, kissing in the kitchen, laughing together and for the first time they experience their parents lead them in scripture reading and prayers before bed. As they grow in their faith and experience restoration in their marriage they begin a marriage ministry of their own that starts to help broken couples find healing and wholeness just like they did at Journey Church a few years prior. Their family is transformed and they begin to help bring that same transformation they’ve experienced into the community in which they live in. A family is transformed and the ripple effect results are still unfolding …


Over the next several weeks you'll hear stories that God birthed in my heart during times in prayer. It was about a year ago when I started prayerfully imagining what could be ... I jotted down story after story as God dropped these into my spirit. These are fictional stories that I believe one day will be actual nonfiction accounts of peoples lives that were changed through Journey Church! IMAGINE ... PRAY ... AND BELIEVE WITH ME FOR ALL THAT GOD WANTS TO DO IN OUR MIDST IN THE DAYS AHEAD -- Pastor John

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